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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 13, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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astronomer william her schell discovered urananus named off the of the sky. now you know the news [ unintelligible ] ♪ ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee! [ applause ] >> mike: how are you? welcome! welcome to the fox studios from new york city. tonight, former senior adviser to president george w. bush, karl rove. he's going to be here talking about his first brush with partisan politics. the bush administration's handling of katrina. and what went on aboard air force one on 9/11? also, he caused a big stir by holding up a sign while accepting the award at the
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oscars last week. former dolphin trainer on the 60s hit show flipper is here to tell us why he's made freeing dolphins his life's mission. [ applause ] >> mike: but, we start with a message to the president. mr. president, you're in trouble. your approval rating ares as low as 45% in some polls, majority of americans are against your push for a health care bill. you promised to focus on jobs, yet unemployment keeps rising. mr. president, you're not listening to the voices of americans if i can't convince you, i hope that maybe you will listen to skinny molly and their message for you. ♪ ♪
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♪ take a look around ♪ i'm sure that your job ain't no vacation ♪ ♪ but i've been out of work for 18 -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you're out of touch with all due respect ♪
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it's you who work for us mr. president ♪ ♪ >> mike: president obama is acting like a toe "-- toy tee with an accelerator that is . he campaigns to force americans to swallow this horse pill-sized care bill the lower goes the support for this congressional castor oil. while he ignores what we really care about, the fact that millions can't find a job. there's an uprising in the ranks of the people of this country who hope that maybe for just this one issue, the members of congress will actually act like they work for the people instead of working for mrs. pelosi. your voice and your vote does matter. it only matters if you speak up and did it now. i suggest that you call, e-mail, write members of your congress. call them, keep calling, until they answer. by the way, to make it easy
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for you, what we've done is provide a simple link. go to you can reach your congressman. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we can't on you to be account able ♪ in the face of danger fierce and brave ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ the senate and the house this includes , every elected official. i think you forgot that you work for the people here. don't think for one minute that we have. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> mike: thanks to skinny molly. its members include former members of lynyrd skynyrd and
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black fill foot. if you love the as much as i do you can download it by going to their website skinny they are gonna contribute the royalties from this song to the wanna play fund which purchases strums for students. skinny molly, wonderful group of folks, love their song. you may wonder, what are some reasons that you ought to be concerned about the health care bill? let me give you five. number one, the process has been mostly conducted in a highly partisan and disgustingly secretive manner. now to pass it a budget maneuver called reconciliation is being threatened as the vehicle to drive this truck load of dynamite into our livingrooms. number two, impact on the federal budget and deficit is enough to make your grandchildren want their inheritance now. rarely discussed the equal draconian drag on your state's
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budget. your federal and state taxes are going up, way up in order to cover this. number three, pro life advocates, like me and even pro life democrats like congressman bart stupak smell a rat in the senate language and believe the will allow backdoor federal funding of the destruction of innocent human life. four, taxes will be collected for three years before the benefits start that is like paying rent on an apartment for three years before you can spend the night. five, the bill doesn't address the real need, chronic disease that accounts for almost 80% of all health care costs in this country. this bill's approach is more like providing more seats on a lifeboat but not trying to keep the ship from sinking this bill isn't good medicine and it's not a harmless sugar pill placebo. it is a painful and costly prescription of bad medicine that needs to be tan off-the-shelf now here's a simple question if you have
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any doubts. is your own personal doctor pushing for this? who do you trust most, your doctor or nancy pelosi? you need to act now. go to the special web page i've created it will make it easy to contact your congressman i support real health care reform. we don't need to apply leeches to suck our blood to cure a headache. we don't need to amputate our feet because we stubbed our toe. before we are bled to death by the leeches of loontown we better speak up, and do it now. [ applause ] >> mike: that's my view and welcome yours you can go to next, karl rove is going to join us. i've got questions for karl thank you are not going to hear anywhere else. we'll be right back. right now wh
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>> mike: he's one of the most controversial political figures of the century and he pulls no punches in his new autobiography, "courage and consequence." welcome the architect, mr. karl rove. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> mike: welcome. >> i love it you the texas state capital with the flag right there. >> mike: we can talk about texas but no longhorn stuff that is forbidden this studio. >> you are no longer in our same conference. >> i know but we still hate texas. >> we love playing you. >> mike: speaking of texas. you come from texas. but your political life started very young, 9-years-old, you decided you
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are going to campaign for richard nicholson. something interesting happened. >> i got a hold of a nixon bump sticker and put it on the wire basket of my bike and rode it up and down the street. and the little girl across the street had 30 pounds, three, four years on me, i was nine, put me on the sidewalk and gave me a bloody nose. >> mike: we have her here tonight, we want to bring her out. >> she still has three years but does she have 30 pounds on me? >> mike: no, 300 now. a lot of people who watched the bush administration. i thought george bush was one of the most intelligent people to be president but he never got that kind of image. to see him in a one-on-one setting. to watch him with a crud when the press wind in the room. he was as good as i've seen. he was funny and articulate. sometimes karl when he would get behind the podium in a
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structured format, he seemed to struggle. did his staff overhandle him? why was he not as comfortable in those settings? >> he was comfortable at times. the speech that he made to congress after 9/11 was one of the great moments. some of the state of the union addresses were great. fantastic speech he gave the promise of democracy. but you're right there was something about it, sometimes it may have been the press of business was -- he was focused on his business and not on preparing. that he didn't come across as well as he should have. i think it's more the -- the president has a lot on his plate, any press does. you have to make -- any president does. you have to make a decision on what you are going to focus on and spend time and energy on. we put him in places and venues that didn't well serve him many times. again, i think back to his inaugural speeches. particularly the second inaugural was terrific.
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his news conferences. particularly, after they going he was fun and fluid and light and dominant. but you are right, there are times where -- >> mike: was there any attempt on the staff's part to say stick to the script, don't get off the text? that's what happened to bob dole over politicians have been overhandled. >> i think it is we didn't get the right venues. you are right, he seemed stiff, sort of not -- didn't connect well with the audience. then you get him in a format where he liked, town hall meeting as in the round and he would connect and establish a link with people. >> mike: you wrote in the book about the aftermath of katrina. and that moment of flying over new orleans and going low and not stopping. i understand the reasons why. it makes perfect sense that to have done so would have disrupted the emergency operations. >> in new orleans, yeah.
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we should have gone to baton rouge. you don't close down the air space in new orleans when you fly into baton rouge. if we flew into if new orleans they would be closing the air space. it would be time spent on getting several other flights in and out and that would be land rescue equipment and workers. but we should have gone to baton rouge that's where the governor was that's where the disaster headquarters was. >> i remember when it happened. i thought it is almost like the story of the good samaritan and the priest who went the other way and looked but kept going. it had that image. >> right. >> mike: the president was very involved in trying to bring some assistant to the coast but he never credit for it after that >> i talk about it in the book. people don't understand two things, you as a former governor understand. people in charge of disaster emergency services you have a tornado hit arkansas, you as the governor in charge, not the federal government. the government's job is to give you what you need and
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want and write checks. you are in charge as governor. what we found in louisiana was a dysfunctional system. their own evacuation, their own plan called for mandatory he shun from new orleans 72 hours before anticipated landfall that would have meant friday morning they would have called' evacuation. they didn't. they didn't call it saturday sunday morning the president is trying togate held of the mayor of new orleans who we cannot find. who is not calling the mandatory evacuation because he has lawyers for the city looking over could they be sued by restaurants and hotels if it turns out to be a nothing burger when it hits the coast. the president calls the governor says please will call the mandatory evacuation. 24 hours before anticipated landfall they call the evacuation from new orleans that's why that famous photograph of those buses sitting in over those buses were supposed to be moving friday morning, to points where they could board other buses or a train or get transportation out of town it
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didn't happen because the city didn't execute its own plan. we were held responsible for. we should have grabbed control using a tenuous lever to declare louisiana a state of insurrection. unless you the governor said tooth is too much as pete wilson did after the northridge quick the federal government can't step in and take over an event. (announcer) of all the things made just for women, maybe one of the most important is centrum silver tra women's. the complete multivitamin for women over 50. it has vitamin d, which emerging science suggests supports breast health, and more calcium for bone health. centrum silver ultra women's
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[ applause ] >> mike: let's talk about some criticisms that have come. tom kin former texas state republican chairman has recently done a book. not that complementary of the bush administration. what is behind that? he was saying that with the bush administration specifically listed you that it was all or nothing kind of proposition. and that much of the good republican will was squandered
8:22 pm
in that time. tell me the response that you have to a person like like tom -- >> i haven't read his book. i frankly don't intend to. he was the state republican chairman when bush came into office. >> mike: as governor? >> as governor. it was an acrimonious relationship. during the pain governor bush, would layout his welfare reform package a week later the state chairman would layout his own. once we into office i was impossible to work with him. governor said come in and see me and he would make pronounce s and never bother showing up. finally, the party became under his leadership, people just lost confidence. finally there was a change in leadership in the party. >> mike: one final question i want to close with. the greatest moment of president bush's tenure was clearly his handling of the war on terror. we still have one, despite maybe what the administration
8:23 pm
may think. >> it is an overseas contingency now. >> mike: that day we'll never forget. there had to have been high drama going on, particularly when the president left florida and was in air force one and there was a tough time of deciding do you go back to washington? do you stay airborne to protect the president? my understanding is there came a point in which he said i'm going back to washington. >> he said that early on. he said from the moment that we got airborne we were lifted out of sarasota, flew east-northeast over the florida peninsula and turned north along the florida coast. the president said i want to go to washington. military aides, andy card and the secret service were meeting. the secret service and the defense department said mr. president we can't guarantee control of the air space over washington. there was a fear this was an effort to decapitate the government. we had three planes fly into
8:24 pm
big builds. flight 93 became known during that period of time, they thought there were other aircraft not under control of their crews that had been hijacked. they didn't know what was next. they insisted the president not come back. he was not a happy camper. one point, i talk about this in my book, andy card the chief of staff said the head of the secret service detail you go tell him. the president was clearly not happy with this they said mr. president, we don't have -- we wanna -- the plane had own been fueled to go from sarasota to washington. they said we want to get to a secure facility, the nearest place is the air force base in louisiana which was coincidentally on a training drill for a nuclear drill. they were at highest level of security and readiness.
8:25 pm
we fly in rather than being growthed by officers and in their dress uniforms saluting and lots of flags we were greeted by the command officers wearing side arms and the president was conveyed in a blue dodge caravan to the headquarters behind him was an armed humvee with a 50 calibre machine gun on top. airmanñn
8:26 pm
during the day when been able to see out the window occasionally fighter aircraft above or below. as we came into the national capital two f-16s took up station at the wing tip of air force one, giant bird upcoming f-16's, you can make out what the pilot's features are. i took a picture, which is in the book, of the plane. then you realized i was sobering, they were not there for display. this was the last disparate defense of air force one. if something came towards the aircraft and they couldn't bring it down further away these guys were supposed to put their bird between whatever is coming between their bird and air force one. >> mike: a lot of interesting behind the curtain information in karl's book it is called "courage and consequence." by the way thanks to your publisher all the members of our studio audience get a copy. [ applause ]
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>> mike: i hope they enjoy it. thank you karl. >> thank you. >> mike: up next academy award winning activist.
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>> reporter: hello i'm julie banderas. eyes will be on capitol hill in the coming week as lawmakers and the white house head for a final health care reform showdown. democrats say they are close to the 216 votes they need to pass. the tally is 211-220 with five democrats saying they will change their yes to no if the ledge station -- legislation stays as it is. this is the scene in new york city's times square. look at this mess. under a rain and wind system battering the northeast the nasty weather grounding dozens of flights at kennedy, laguardia airports,
8:31 pm
new jersey's newark and o'hare in chicago flooding from the ohio valley northeast. in the northeast firefighters rescuing one of their owns from rising waters. back to huckabee now. >> mike: i hope you listen to the huckabee report now on 566 radio stations across america the fastest growing new radio feature in the past decade monday through friday if you want to find the station near you about to and click on the huckabee report. the powerful film, "the cove" won the oscar for best feature documentary. >> i feel somewhat responsible because it was the flipper tv series that created this multi-billion dollar industry. >> when you are out swimming in the ocean and you have whales and dolphins come by you, is it is one of the most incredible experiences ever.
8:32 pm
it is so humling this wild creature would come up -- come up and be so interested in you. it is unbelievable, really. >> walk down to the water's edge and this one poor dolphin, you can could see it trying to get away and i was swimming straight for us. it made it over a couple of the nets and every time it came up for a breath you can see all this blood coming out behind it. could you see the last couple of breaths it took and then it went down and we never saw it again. ♪ ♪ >> mike: laids and gentlemen the cove star and dolphin activist rick, thank you for joining us. you at the night of the academy awards walked to the podium and tried to whole up a sign as soons you did they
8:33 pm
took the camera away. you brought the sign with you, what was on that sign? >> i'll show you. by the the way, it's free if you text this in it is not going to cost you anything. it is access to information. it is not a protest sign. it an success to information so people can help us solve this problem. >> we're now showing on the huckabee show what the oscars were afraid to let americans see. >> and thank you so much. >> mike: you're very welcome. >> on fox yet, i can believe it. >> mike: fair and balanced, that's what we are about rick. >> okay, i believe it, i'm here. >> mike: your story is remark ache. in its origin more so than where you are now you were the trainer for the flipper television series that i group with and loved as a can i. how did that get started? >> the prouder, who produced sea hunt you may remember the television series, lloyd
8:34 pm
bridges, came with a project flipper tv series the deal was if you supply a train the dolphins we'll film it here. i was chosen probably because i'm a diver that's my roots and we were filming underwater. >> mike: was tripper one dolphin or was it like lassie where you had several different dolphins that played the role? >> there were five. i captured those dolphins myself in biscayne bay, five females who collectively were flipper. we used two throughout the series primarily one kathy, was flipper to me. >> mike: when were you working with the series, it seemed perfectly normal to put a dolphin in captivity. there came a moment, a very personal moment for you that changed your life forever. tell me about that? >> yeah, that's true that was just before earth day 1970
8:35 pm
when flipper or kathy, committed suicide actually. >> mike: how does a dolphin commit suicide? >> you have to understand, dolphins are not automatic air breathers like we are. every breath is a conscious effort. so, if life becomes too unbearable they have the option of not taking the next breath. i think it is more common than we know about. in the cove in japan for example i see this when i'm there. i go four, five times a year. i see this happening before my eyes. you might not see that, because you can't read their body language like i can. dolphins can commit suicide and other whales. >> mike: you had this moment where you say kathy, that we know as flipper, just ended her life? >> she looked me right in the eye, i mean closer than you and you are at this moment. swam into my arms and kept looking, took a breath and it
8:36 pm
was -- and she just sank to the bottom, i let her go i was a steel tanker. i would say half of the size of this room. today that would be illegal. but yeah, i jumped in with my clothes on got her to the surface, tried to resuscitate her. >> mike: why would kathy, again flipper, why would this dolphin say i'm finished? we think of dolphins in these environments as being wondefully cared for they get the food, the care. you've discovered that it's not quite so pleasant for them. >> yeah, well it's more stressful for them than it is any of the other animals in the zoo, because they are sonic creatures. their primary sense is sonar. they live in a world of sound. our primary senses light, they
8:37 pm
live in the world of sound and they are free ranging creatures. they are now in a concrete or steel box. you really have to get in there yourself or put a face mask on and put your head under water and look around to get it. most people don't do that they are dealing with an optical illusion. you go the music is playing, you are with your family, the day off, water is crystal clear and the dolphin is smiling back at you. it is hard to see the problem. >> mike: after kathy died, you took a very different course for your life. in fact, what was it the next day that you freed dolphins and arrested? >> yep, that was in bimini across the gulfstream from where i live in coconut grove, florida. i was going to free every captive dolphin i could. i didn't get very far, i got as far as bimini and was arrested. we've learned how to do this
8:38 pm
now. we've since rescued dolphins fins in guatemala, brazil, haiti, got them out of pools and concrete tanks. put them into a natural sea enclosure and rehabilitated and released them back into the while. >> mike: want to continue, because we want to get on to how did this incredible document -- documentary come to be and is message which is very powerful. let me warn you, there are parts that are very disturbing. we are gonna hear how all of this led this gentleman, to the making of the oscar winning documentary, "the cove." we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest.
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. [ applause ] >> mike: we're back with ric o'barry academy award winner for "the cove." dolphins have always fascinated us not just from flipper. what makes a dolphin unique compared to all the other fish and wildlife that might be in the ocean? >> well, one thing is they're self-aware like humans and great apes and probably many other animals. also, dolphins have saved the lives of humans. we were talking about that in the green room earlier. elian gonzalez the cuban boy saved by dolphins there. are many stories of dolphins saving the lives of humans. we've never her of a while
8:43 pm
animal coming out of jungle to save the life of a hugh than -- human. if somebody in this audience saved the life of somebody else in this audience that is communication. >> mike: they have the ability to anticipate what's going on around them in a way that is unique to them? >> yeah. that's what self-aware is. we look in the mirror and know what we're looking at and anticipate what is happening. >> mike: i wanted to you take me now to the cove. this very unique place where this documentary is set. how did you discover it? what does on there? >> well, i didn't disdiscover it, there had been people work on this issue for sometime. i went there 10 years ago or so and saw what happened. no idea what to do to stop it. i asked my japanese colleagues, and they said, external
8:44 pm
pressure. bring the media here that's what i started doing. cnn, bbc, whoever would come there, including the filmmakers. by the way, i'm not one of the filmmakers. that's a separate organization. jim clark who started netscape founded it, and others. so, the film is on a massive scale especially now they won the academy award. the japanese government is trying to keep it from being seen, which is gonna be very difficult now it's the oscar. >> mike: the community in which this happens is sort of i think the stunning thing about the documentary, it depicts this community in japan as all about dolphins. >> yeah. >> mike: almost as if they celebrate, worship are built around dolphins. but it wasn't what found. >> i got to say, i love
8:45 pm
gentleman man. and i love the japanese people. most people in japan do not bother dolphin. that's one of the reasons we don't -- i work for earth island institute, we don't support boycott japan save the whale, save the dolphin because it is a blanket indictment against all japanese people and they are not guilty. 13 boats are killing dolphins, two men in each boat. we are talking about 26 guys basically. 3,400 people who don't kill dolphins. it is a wonderful place we are hoping to get one you,000 people to show up with us on september 1st, when killing season stars. it will start up against september 1st, and if we can get enough people to come there and you will have a wonderful time if you do it, it is a great place. one of the most beautiful places in the world. that is a form of external pressure. that's the kind of thing that's going to stop it.
8:46 pm
to keep it in the news. keep them in newspapers and television and so forth. >> mike: want to warn the audience we going to show disturbing but compelling scenes of the japanese fishermen driving hundreds of dolphins to their deaths. this is why this documentary received the oscar that and more from ric o'barry, when we come become. pro-vitamin systems polish strand by strand. for twice the shine. twice the cool. even leading salon brands can't beat these healthy shine results! ice shine from pantene. new york city a town where all walks of life cross paths. a health mart town. here, pharmacist marc brandell practices what he calls,
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[ applause ] mike meek we are back with ric o'barry oscar winning star of the movie "the cove." we were talking before, these dolphins are herded into this cove. explain what happens. >> when the sun comes up in the morning, 13 boats go out two men in each boat, boats
8:50 pm
are 38 feet long. and they wait for dolphins. dolphins that are migrating and they get on the outside of them and they are evenly spaced a couple hunt feet apart. and -- couple hundred feet apart. and they put a long metal pole in the water that has sort of a bell on the bottom and start banging. this creates a wall of sound or acoustic net and terrorizes the dolphins. they are able to drive them into the cove. and they seal it. and they call this the drive fisheries. it has been going on for about 400 years but not with these mechanized boats that has only been going on for 33 years. the cove is sealed, if there's a capture taking place, you will see about 30 dolphin trainers who select the best for themselves. and i think that's the
8:51 pm
economic under pinning of the slaughter. >> mike: there's a lot of money for the trainers how much? >> we know that ocean world casino in the dominican republic paid $154,000 for each dolphin. and when we started speaking out against this, myself and earth island institute, we were hit with a 700 million dollar lawsuit which we are still dealing with. but yeah, i think the captures are the economic unpinning, because the dolphin meat, the dead dolphin is worth $400, $500. that's the hardest thing for me as a former dolphin trainer to understand. in some ways the fishermen know not what they do. in that, the character for whale, in japanese is wrong and should be changed. it translates into -- it reads monster fish.
8:52 pm
and they think they are dealing with a fish. the dolphin trainers that you see in the movie capturing the dolphins, they know better. they know they are self-an they look them in the eye every -- self-aware. they look them in the eye everyday. they gave them names. so for the life of me i can't figure out what they are doing there. >> mike: the trainers that are selecting the best particularly the ones that look like flipper. what happens to the rest of them now they've herded them into the cove? >> we never knew the exact details of how they were killed because the cove is out of sight. so, it took some doing to photograph that covertly. that's one of the reasons the film crew won the academy award. they are speared. killed with knives and it is the most brutal -- it is so over-the-top that i can't -- words fail me when you ask me that question, what happens? it is like dante's inferno for
8:53 pm
dolphins. >> mike: but they are sold for food that's the ultimate end. >> yes. >> mike: you were able to sneak cameras in, in a remarkable operation that frankly rivals any navy seal thing that you can imagine logistically to create and execute this plan and we some scenes from it. some scenes from the documentary this is shocking footage that ric and his team shot, we begin with the boats driving the dolphins toward the cove. >> miker to routes the dolphins have been using for thousands of years -- they wait until the dolphins come by. they put the long poles in the water and they bang on these poles with hammers and they create a wall of sound, which frightens the dolphins.
8:54 pm
they are freaked out, stressed out to the max. they seal it, then they go home. the next morning, all of these dolphin trainers will be lined up, selecting the ones that they want for the -- they are looking for flipper. >> it is the captivity industry that keeps this slaughter going by rewarding the fishermen. >> a friend of mine told me what was going on in japan. >> 26,000 wiped out every year. and it is not even acknowledged. >> nobody has actually seen what takes place out there.
8:55 pm
>> mike: very disturbing video this is why this incredible documentary received the oscar. because it's footage ric that was shot in ways no one effort has seen before except the participants. what has been the reaction that you've had? >> the most popular television show in japan, is the academy wards. that is huge. the fact that it won the academy award. there's 126 million people in japan who have not seen this
8:56 pm
film. we need to get this in front of them. ultimately, it is the consumers who will solve this problem. the japanese people are more concerned about healthy food than we are. if they had any idea that the dolphin meat was laced with mercury, they wouldn't buy it. supply and demand. with are not telling the japanese people what to do. it is more about giving them the information in the hopes they will stop buying the product. same is true with the dolphin ariums there's 50 in japan. when people see this film they are going to think twice before they buy a ticket for that dolphin show. >> mike: people can get the dvd at ric o'barry thank you for your courage and committeement to informing the world. a lot of us did not know. thank you, very much. ric o'barry. [ applause nneka nwosu
8:57 pm
>> mike: from all of us i hope you have been touched by in if you see the documentary, i promise you will be. from new york city and the fox news studios, good night and god bless. hey! inrease in 6 mths. pete, back it up! ( marker squeaking ) when business travel leaves you drained, re-charge withomfo suites. spacious rooms, free hi-speed internet, d free hot breakfast. comfort suites. power up. now stay two separate times with comfort suites... or any choice hotel and earn a free night. book at i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills.
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